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the scents resonate with my being

"Using essential oils with vibrational sound healing to resonate with our chakra energy centers is brilliant! purchased the full chakra blend set and have enjoyed the way the scents resonate with my being. 

     Thank you!!" ~Sharon H.

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especially pleasing--like satisfying a craving

"These chakra oils really stand out from any other I've ever used. Each one has a very pleasant scent, but I've noticed when one of my chakras need balancing, that a certain chakra scent is pleasing--like satisfying a craving. I keep the solar plexus (MI/Yellow) one on my kitchen counter at home and the throat (SOL/Blue) one on my desk at work. I always notice a difference after I use them."  

      ~Christy R.

"Personalized Essentials give me an Energetic boost!"

"The Personalized Essentials scent which I used upon arising each day gives me an energetic boost, which sets my day off in a positive and powerful trajectory. Thank you! Your intuitiveness is a gift of service to those you guide."  

      ~Scott P.