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How to know which solfa scent blend to use

Many people ask me what is the best way to know which Solfa Scents chakra blend to use.  First, just know that any of the blends can be used at any time for any reason.  Sometimes the earthy grounding energy of the UT Root Chakra blend is just what one might need to feel safe, protected and grounded.  Other times, someone experiencing "writers block" or other creative blockage would do well spritzing the RE Sacral Chakra blend.  A spritz of the FA Heart Chakra blend can help with releasing unforgiveness and healing broken relationships. There are unlimited uses and possibilities with Solfa Scents blends.

There are several ways to know which scent blend is best for you.  One way is by obtaining an aura scan such as AuraFit (TM) or other aura photo device to obtain your general aura color. This will tell a lot about your energy field and how to best balance your energy frequencies.  As a general rule, we can balance our aura with the colors that are opposite our main aura color, as presented in this color wheel pie chart:


For instance, a substantial color of blue in the aura would be balanced by wearing the color orange, or by using the Solfa (TM) Scents RE blend.  Someone with primary color of yellow in their aura would do well to balance with the color purple, violet or lavender, using either the Solfa(TM) Scents LA or TSI blends.  In contrast, someone with an indigo or violet aura would benefit from using the color yellow (MI) or orange (RE).

You may also wish to consult with an energy practitioner to help determine which of your chakras may need an attunement.  I would recommend finding a trained Solfeggio tuning fork practitioner or Reiki master or other energy worker.   If you are unable to find an energy worker in your area, I have found that the use of a simple pendulum can help you to identify which of your body's chakra centers may be out of alignment.


If you are unfamiliar with pendulums, these are simple tools that anyone can use.  Pendulums are a weighted item made of stone, marble, glass, crystal or other material that is attached to a string or chain.

Take the pendulum and hold it by the top of the chain approximately six to eight inches away from the front of the body. You may want to have another person assist you by holding the pendulum in front of you.  

To find the base chakra (with corresponding Solfa note, UT) hold the pendulum so that the stone or crystal is about six inches (12 cm) below the navel. You can also have someone assist you by having them stand behind you and hold the pendulum at the base of your spine, about 6 to 8 inches away.  You will know when you have found the chakra, as your stone or crystal should begin to spin or sway when it comes in contact with your energy field.  Once the pendulum begins to move, notice how the it swings.  Does it swing from side to side? Does it make a circle? Does it swing clockwise or counter clockwise?  You may wish to take notes and write these down as you go so you can refer back to it later.  

Next, move up to the Sacral chakra, at the front of the body located just below the navel.  Again, notice how the pendulum swings.

Next, move up to the Solar Plexus chakra, which is located approximately three inches (6 cm) above the navel.  If at any time you don’t notice any movement, try moving the pendulum up or down by a couple of inches to find the chakra.

Repeat this process for the next few chakras.  

The Heart chakra is located in the center of the chest.  The Throat chakra is located at the throat, and the Third Eye chakra is located at the center of the forehead.

The Crown chakra is located at the top of the head. You may want to be seated and have someone assist you if possible, or use a mirror to see how the pendulum responds. 
Hold the pendulum so that the stone or crystal is a few inches above the top of the head.  Notice how the pendulum swings.


What you want to see from the pendulum are large circular movements.  Sometimes you will have clockwise movement on one chakra, and counter-clockwise on another.  To be in full body energy alignment, ideally, you will want to have all of the chakras spinning nice and round, all going the same direction.  If you have a chakra that only sways side-to-side or spins counter-clockwise while all other chakras are spinning clockwise, then that is a good indication of the chakra you will want to focus on.  

Most people have their chakras naturally spinning clockwise, but there is a small percentage of people whose natural chakra rhythm is spinning counter-clockwise. This is normal. What you will want to identify is how your particular chakras are attuned.  

Once you identify which chakra or chakras sways or spins differently than the others, you will know which Solfa Scents blend will assist you in attuning and aligning your chakras.