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What are Solfa Scents?

Solfa Scents are fine mist essential oil sprays that resonate at the same frequency hertz as the Solfeggio tuning forks on the Solfeggio musical scale, which are the frequency of the body's chakra energy centers. Solfa Scents are the direct connection between scent and sound and thus, the chakras.

How do I use Solfa Scents?

Solfa Scents fine mist blends are intended for aromatherapy use.  They are best used by spritzing in the air, usually above the head or anywhere in the room. Use them anywhere you can breathe in the aromas to lift your energetic vibration.  Solfa Scents can also be used as a complementary addition to any Solfeggio tuning fork technique. Simply confirm which chakra(s) needs attunement and spritz the air before or after a tuning session!   

How are Solfa Scents different from other Chakra Sprays?

 Most chakra sprays on the market do not incorporate sound into their process.  While some may use tuning forks to impart sound into their products, Solfa Scents uses a scientific process to determine which essential oils resonate at the frequency hertz that matches the Solfeggio tuning forks.  So, it's not so much that the Solfeggio tuning forks impart resonance to the oil blends, it's that certain essential oils used already match the Solfeggio fork vibration.  The key was discovering which essential oils resonated with which of the Solfeggio tuning forks.  

All throughout the testing and creating process, I endeavored to ensure that the Solfeggio tuning forks resonated with the essential oils used, and hence, resonate with each of the Solfa Scents blends.  When the Solfa Scents blends are complete, the corresponding Solfeggio tuning fork is once again sounded over the finished product before sending it on to the consumer.

How do I choose which Solfa Scents Spray is right for me?

Any of the Solfa Scents can be beneficial, even if your chakras are in good shape. However, there are ways to know which particular scent may be of more benefit depending on your situation.  See my blog post on this topic for more information.

How do you determine which oils go into your blends?

I developed a scientific method whereby I use the Solfeggio tuning forks to determine which essential oils resonate with each tuning fork. The stronger the connection, the more likely it is for that essential oil to be included in Solfa Scents formulas.

What brand of essential oils do you use?

There are many wonderful brands of essential oils on the market. Solfa Scents uses 100% pure essential oils, organic or therapeutic grade where possible.  My focus is not on being "brand loyal" concerning the essential oils I use, but rather, on whether (and how strong) the oils resonate with the tuning forks.  If the tuning forks "love" the oil, then those are the oils generally included in my formulas.

I purchased one Solfa Spray. Can I order the remaining six sprays for the price of a set?

The sale prices are only offered for the complete sets. Complete Sets come in the Original Six - UT, RE, MI, FA, SOL  and LA, or the Set of Seven which includes the Original Six PLUS the Crown Chakra (963 Hz) blend.  I do offer free shipping on Solfa Spray orders of TWO or more.