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The story of Rosemary and the FA Solfeggio tuning fork is nothing short of a love story!  

It all began when I purchased a bottle of Rosemary oil, not knowing, of course, which or if any of the tuning forks would resonate with the oil once I brought it home.  

I began with my method of testing starting with the UT fork, then on to RE, MI and so on.  When I got to the FA tuning fork, it was as if the heavens parted, the birds sang, and an angelic choir broke out in a chorus of Alleluia!  The resonance between Rosemary and the FA fork was incredibly strong, and I knew their bond was sealed.  Rosemary would definitely be included in my oil blend!

But there was only one problem.  Rosemary has a very distinct, powerful and pungent scent. I became concerned that if I included it in my blend, the smell would overpower the other scents, ruining the blend.  I had to find a way to include it without overpowering the others.

At first, I only used a very small amount of Rosemary in the blend. As I mixed in the others, the FA blend was turning out to be a very pleasant combination.  And yet, I could not help but remember the strong bond between the FA tuning fork and Rosemary oil.  I knew I had to bring Rosemary to more of a prominence in my oil blend. It was as if the FA tuning fork was insisting that I bring Rosemary into the limelight!

And so I redesigned my formula, hoping beyond hope that the scents would blend well.  During that same time, I was made aware of several more powerful earthy evergreen scents such as Cypress and Balsam Fir that also resonated with the FA tuning fork.  I chose to add those as well, figuring those scents would enhance and blend well with Rosemary.

It worked!  The FA blend came alive with fresh the fresh scent of evergreen and a distinct balance between the other, more subtle and delicate scents that also resonated with the FA tuning fork-  such as Gardenia, Lavender and Rose.  It was a winning combination.

The FA tuning fork seemed to insist that I honor Rosemary and place her more prominently in the blend.

And I'm glad I did.